The majority of my career focused on those with neurological conditions (strokes, MS, Parkinson’s, etc) , but I switched to ortho (weekend warriors, computer-focused workers, new parents, recent retirees, and those who want to prevent future injuries) early 2019 and have been equally passionate in this category as well. I enjoy saving patients time by traveling directly to their homes or online. Cash-based therapy is the future! Avoid the myriad of flaws of the insurance system and get better faster!

Q Certifications?

Doctor of physical therapy, certified stroke rehabilitation specialist, neurological clinical specialist, LSVT BIG certified. Future certifications to be sports-oriented.

Q Specialities?

Working with weekend warriors get back to their prior level of activity. New parents/grandparents that are not doing well with ergonomics of child care. Those picking up new hobbies or sports. Pre-hab for delaying surgery or outright preventing it (knees, hips, back, neck, and shoulder specifically).

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