On Balance Physical Therapy, Wellness and Coaching, LLC is a mobile physical therapy clinic focusing on fall/injury prevention and recovery, helping individuals of all ages reach their fitness goals and coaching caregivers to help their loved ones maintain their independence while decreasing their caregiving load.

Q My loved one has Medicare/insurance. Why should we pay cash?

Insurance does not pay for prevention. If someone falls and breaks their hip, insurance will pay for the ambulance, the ER and hospital stay, surgery, and stay at a nursing home as well as home health therapy. Insurance does not pay to help prevent the fall from happening. One fall can end up costing $40,000 and most people have to pay a portion of this. And this doesn't take into account the emotional cost and many people have trouble bouncing back after a fall.
In comparison, preventing a fall by improving strength, balance and confidence costs very little in comparison.

Q Why should I pay cash for physical therapy?

On Balance Physical Therapy, Wellness and Coaching, LLC comes to you, bringing thirty years of experience, including outpatient orthopedics, neurological rehabilitation, acute care and home health. You will receive a higher quality of care, longer visits, one-on-one care from a physical therapist—not an aide or assistant—and attention to detail that someone working in a fast paced clinic ruled by insurance guidelines can't provide.

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