We help people who are suffering from pain and mobility issues in the convenience of their home, office. Our mission is to help people regain their level of activity, improve activity, to be able to  perform work and engage in family and social activities without the limitations of pain. And just as important, to help patients from being dependent on medications or drugs to get through their day.

We help in the management of acute and chronic pain.  Pain that may involve the neck, back, hip, knee, foot.

People who have been told surgery is the only way but on the fence, those who have not exhausted all resources before surgery;  people who had recent surgery and want to recover faster with better pain, swelling management,  or those who are suffering from the complications of surgery from months, years back/chronic pain.  Even patients who have gone through multiple physical therapies and don’t seem to have achieved their goals.

We also help in the management of neuropathy/ polyneuropathy.

Q How soon can we start

Send us a message thru fb, email, text or call and we can set up appointments.

Q In what regions of the area do you see patients?

We are able to see patients in their homes, office, or where agreed upon in the Henderson, Buncombe areas.

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