Instead of going to a clinic, paying a high insurance deductible/copay, only to be seen with 2-3 other patients at the same time and go through the same old treatment routine time and again..

Our therapists come to you, whether at your home, work, gym, or wherever else including virtually! We work with you to determine what your goal is.. not just decreasing pain, getting stronger, avoiding surgery, getting off medication, etc. but getting you back to what you truly value in life.. spending time with your children/grandchildren, recreational activities like gardening or golf, working at your job, etc… whatever it is that makes your life worth living!

This starts on your first visit where we determine if you have any issues that would need a referral to another healthcare provider. This occurs through a thorough history and physical examination. Next is working with you to develop an individualized plan on how to reach your goals!

Then we implement! This typically starts with education about your condition and what you can do about it, manual therapy to decrease the perception of pain, and goal-oriented exercises to improve your ability to do the activities you want.

The great thing about MPhysio is we save you time and money by meeting you where you are and providing individualized, active, and hands-on care that helps you achieve your goals quickly.

If you are ready, contact us now to begin the first step to taking back your life!

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