At Limitless Physical Therapy all treatments are one on one and the emphasis of treatment is on Muscle Activation.

Muscle Activation is a revolutionary approach to treating the common aches and pains that ail so many of us. The technique of Muscle Activation can diagnose and treat muscle imbalances and weaknesses in the body. When a muscle is deactivated, or “turned off,” other surrounding muscle groups have to compensate for the imbalance. Over time, these imbalances can spark a vicious cycle of more weaknesses, persistent pain, and oftentimes leads to injury.

By activating muscles, it helps each muscle to function work correctly. This creates balance in the body, reduces or eliminates pain, and can prevent injury. Having balance in your muscular system does not only help with daily functioning, but can also help improve sports performance. This is achieved by optimizing each muscle’s potential, leaving no weak links to hold you back from your personal best.

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